NYC Pilot

CaringKind is currently leading the New York City pilot of MAP.

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Pilot Goals

MAP aims to recruit and train up to 25 mentors to provide twelve months  of post-diagnostic support to 50 clients and care partners, with a focus on under-represented communities.

Program Leadership

Marcia Henne

Marcia Henne is an accomplished program manager who provides in-depth understanding of developing and implementing organizational strategies. She became well-versed in spearheading new initiatives in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia after she experienced being a caregiver to her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She has committed to a career change and now focuses her energy and efforts on providing support to persons living with dementia and their care partners and caregiver services. Ms. Henne has previous experience managing the Alzheimer’s Caregiver Program at R.A.I.N in the Bronx, NY and as a Helpline Dementia Specialist at CaringKind.

Eleonara Tornatore-Mikesh

Eleonara Tornatore-Mikesh is the President and CEO of CaringKind. After graduating from college, she trained as a specialist in aging and dementia at CaringKind, formally known as the Alzheimer’s Association of New York City, working as a research associate for two years on a New York State Department of Health grant on culture change in nursing homes and assisted living residences. Mrs. Tornatore-Mikesh then spent almost 14 years at a premier assisted living community in Connecticut, as the Executive Director. More recently she was the CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Connecticut Chapter. Prior to joining CaringKind, Ms. Tornatore-Mikesh was a senior executive for an Assisted Living on New York’s Upper East Side, charged with program development.

Jed A. Levine, MA

Jed A. Levine has a master’s degree in Applied Human Development with a specialization in Gerontology and Community Recreation Services from Columbia University’s Teachers College. Mr. Levine is President Emeritus and Director of External Relations at Caring Kind, The Heart of Alzheimer’s Caregiving, formerly known as the Alzheimer’s Association, New York City Chapter, where he has been on staff since 1990. Mr. Levine was most recently President and CEO, and formerly the Executive Vice President and Director of Programs. He is the author of numerous articles on Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer’s care and the co-author of chapters on both Hospital Care and Disaster Preparedness for persons with dementia. In 2019 and 2020, Mr. Levine was recognized as a leader in New York City & State’s Top 50 and Top 100 Health Power list.