Community Resources

Statistics show that African Americans are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease than older White Americans1. We know that some disease like diabetes and hypertension are contributing to this increased risk, but also need to better understand the far-reaching impact systemic racism has on the health of African Americans.  

With the goal of addressing these health disparities, MAP is building a peer network through our community pilots in New York City. We are starting by providing education about the status of research and how we can all contribute to better future health for our families and our communities.

With a generous grant provided by Gates Ventures, MAP has created these Community Resources with the hope of expanding access through trusted partners in communities across the country.

Education for Patients and Families ( PDF / DOCX )

Guidance for Community Educators ( PDF / DOCX )

Guidance for Clinical Trial Providers ( PDF / DOCX )

For further resources to educate yourself, your loved ones and get support, see below:  

  • National Institute on Aging: Alzheimer’s & Dementia Outreach, Recruitment & Engagement Resources (ADORE)
    • ADORE is the NIA repository of resources to support the recruitment and retention of participants into clinical trials and studies of Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias.
  • Find your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter and reach out with questions and for their assistance
    • 24/7 Helpline | 800.272.3900
  • Worksheet: 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s
    • Download and print this worksheet to help gauge a loved one’s symptoms and know to take action.

1 National Institute on Aging