Become an Advocate

What is a MAP Advocate?

MAP Peer Advocates are people with personal experience caring for someone with MCI, Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia who choose to volunteer their time and hearts to support others who have just received a diagnosis.

Ready to Give Back?

If you’ve had a personal experience caring for someone with dementia and are ready to mentor and guide others who have just received a diagnosis, we would love to welcome you to the MAP program.

MAP advocates provide a listening ear, emotional support and connection to program participants for up to 12 months (the first year after diagnosis). Before being matched with a participant, all advocates receive training.

The MAP Advocate Training focuses on:
• Key support skills (listening with empathy and using insightful and sensitive questions)
• Creating connections
• Appropriate resources, supports and connections to clinical trials/research
• Self-care for advocates

Once you have completed training, we will begin the process of matching you to someone recently diagnosed or his/her care partner. Matches are made based on diagnosis, life circumstances, geography and other factors. Don’t worry if you are not matched right away! We are just waiting to find the best fit.

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